"With Sarah's help, I have lost nearly 2 stone in only 4 weeks and gained an incredible amount of confidence, I cannot praise her enough and would highly recommend Mindzeye to anyone." Rob

"Sarah was brilliant, after my first session I could see that she'd made a difference, I lost 5lb in the first week... Have had 3 sessions now and its done me the world of good. I can’t wait to go back in Jan for a top up... Sarah was lovely, and felt at ease with her straight away, her office is cosy, warm and calm, I think I could have stayed there for hours! Thanks Sarah..."


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Weight Loss

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Counselling to Help you to Lose Weight

Counselling and hypnotherapy helps to change your relationship to food. Counselling will help you understand what lies behind the way you eat. Hypnotherapy can be used to access the subconcious mind helping you become more positive - you will feel good about eating healthily. As this happens your weight loss will begin.

Healthy weight loss is a gradual process - the body will surrender about 2 lbs of fat a week. This rate of weight loss is a sensible, realistic and attainable goal.

Weight loss with counselling and hypnotherapy tends to take a number of sessions. As a guide, in order to lose a stone in weight, it usually takes 7 sessions.

Benefits of this Method of Weight Loss

Weight loss with hypnotherapy and counselling, offers a long term weight loss solution - because your lifestyle is permanently changed, the weight stays off.

Another highly benefical side effect of using hypnotherapy for weight loss is the quality of relaxation achieved. Deep relaxation means you are able to better deal with any problems that may previously have caused you to turn to food for comfort.

Weight Loss Packages

To start your weight loss, a platform programme of 3 one to one sessions will help you lose half a stone. After the first 3 sessions, we give you a complementary weight loss CD or tape. This helps you enjoy as many sessions as you need to hit your weight loss target within a sensible budget.

Platform programme: £120

This is only a brief insight into how healthy weight loss can be realistically achieved with counselling and hypnotherapy.

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Email Sarah now or call 01277 220620 to book your appointment or to find out more about how counselling and hypnotherapy can help you lose weight.