"When the session was finished I was amazed at how wonderful I felt, and couldn’t believe what had just happened, the whole process is surreal and wonderful. Sarah even supplied me with a free self hypnosis cd, so that I can re-experience the same depth of relaxation whenever I want. Sarah has cured me of my stress and confidence issues, using the minimal sessions she could. She is not there to try and make money out of you like some might, she definitely has your needs above her own. Thank you Sarah, you are one in a million!!!!!!"
Alix J

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Stress Management

Chain under strain showing stress

Prolonged stress can lead to depression as the mind is overwhelmed by problems. Although stress in the work place is recognised as a risk factor by the Health and Safety Executive, few companies are prepared to help alleviate this growing problem so it is left up to the individuals suffering stress to seek help. Medication is not the answer and never will be.

Hypnosis is a superior form of physical and mental relaxation. You cannot be physically relaxed and suffer anxiety at the same time.

Physical relaxation is the starting point to establish the mental relaxation in your conscious mind. This may sound very granidose but you are in and out of trance state regularly during everyday life. Driving or reading are typical examples of activities where you concious mind is on autopilot. Once your concious mind is relaxed, your subconcious mind is open to powerful positive suggestions to deepen the relaxation and increase your confidence in coping with whatever is causing the stress.

Over the years hypnosis has helped a number of clients to become relaxed and to stay relaxed. A three session hypnotherapy programme sets most people on the right track. For some clients being relaxed is difficult - due to a busy schedule they find it hard to switch off. However, the improvement is noticeable with each session. You are training yourself to relax your mind and not to be in worry mode all the time.

Hypnotherapy sessions cost £60 each.

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