"I have been seeing Sarah over the last few months for treatment of panic attacks and a phobia and I can’t recommend her enough. Sarah creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for each session and is always helpful and cheerful putting you at ease from the first meeting all the way through your treatment. Sarah has certainly helped change my life so if you are looking for a hypnotherapist or counsellor in the Essex area don’t hesitate to give her a call." Jenny P


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How to Stop Panic Attacks

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What is a Panic Attack?

Panic attacks or anxiety attacks first occur "out of the blue", suddenly for no obvious reason. What can be most confusing is that the first panic attack can strike when you least expect it.

Panic attacks are very frightening, but they are actually fear of fear itself. The panic is a reaction to physical sensations in the body, connected to being afraid, to which the person has become sensitised. These natural responses (known as the flight or fight response) are triggered by adrenaline and begin a cycle of physical and mental distress. Panic attacks can take as little as 3 seconds to occur but the results of a panic attack can be much longer lasting.

One in three people can expect to have a panic attack at some stage in their lives, it is common for healthy young adults to experience panic attacks.

It can really begin to feel like living in hell as sufferers twist and turn trying to shake off these feelings. It is impossible for others to understand what you are going through. The frustrating thing is everything was normal and then one day, panic struck, and everything changed. Now you live in dread of unbearable panic feelings, and wonder if you will ever get back to normal again.

Panic attacks were fairly much ignored by the medical and psychological professions until very recently. In 1980, the American Psychiatric Association included panic attacks in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, a bible for diagnostic emotional problems.

Common Symptoms of Panic Attacks

These thirteen sensations are some of the main ones to occur in panic attacks, and usually several will occur together:

Can Panic Attacks be Overcome?

Many sufferers have looked for help from different quarters.

Some go to their own doctor and are given drugs, which in Sarah's opinion do not cure, but disguise and dull the symptoms slightly. Anxiety continues to remain a constant living nightmare, as the underlying problem has not been addressed.

Some people turn to alcohol for a short term relief.

Some get admitted to hospital believing that they are suffering from a physical disease. They seek help from experts such as cardiologists, and neurologists, and are left confused when nothing is found.

Others seek advice from friends, who usually have no experience in this area at all, and cannot possibly understand your symptoms.

Some scrape along - often for years - somehow coping but never living life to the full.

But is it possible to change? Can the feelings associated with panic attacks disappear? Can life be normal again? The answer is YES, it is possible to change - not overnight, but it is possible.

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Sarah can help you overcome panic attacks, as she has already helped many other sufferers. Please call her on 07950 622985 or 01277 220620 and talk to someone who really understands what you are going through, and knows where to start...