"I was very apprehensive about seeking counselling, as I thought I would be judged and made to feel inadequate. However this was not at all the case with Sarah, she was warm, comforting, friendly, understanding, down to earth and extremely helpful. I really looked forward to our "friendly chats" as Sarah says. She has helped me to straighten out my life and encouraged me to see a better future for myself. I would recommend her to anyone, as she has a unique approach to counselling, very professional but not at all clinical. Thank you Sarah for all of your help." - Toni J


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Counselling Services

A problem shared is a problem halved and, for those with the courage to seek help, therapy, counselling and advice from capable therapists or psychotherapists can help break a range of problems down until they can be overcome.

From phobias, anxiety, stress and self-esteem problems to work-related problems, health issues and bereavement, Sarah Jordon at Mindzeye can help you come to terms with problems that you might not feel comfortable talking to family and friends about.

Sarah is an experienced counsellor, providing every kind of counselling sensitively and professionally.

Unlike many psychotherapists, therapists and counsellors, Sarah's prices are sensible and won't put you off, with personal circumstances taken into account. Special rates are also available for commercial organisation groups. right corner picture

Take control of your life. Contact Sarah now by email or call 01277 220620.